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6767Re: Garmin doesn't even know about FMI or their own products

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  • c0j
    Mar 10, 2009
      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, "kb9lgs" <raytodd@...> wrote:
      > So far I have managed to get two messages through to Garmin about
      > doing FMI on their other products. The responses sure do tell you a
      > lot about the company. In my requests I listed FMI both as FMI and
      > as (Fleet Management Interface). I told them I was using this on a
      > Nuvi 350.
      I just received a "Please Reset to factory Defaults" email. Saying it must be some sort of software problem.

      My reply, cause I'm cranky today

      I've been through all that.

      Might I remind you what I originally said "Waypoint creation leaves duplicates".

      Now the Nuvi 350 is the predecessor to the 360 and has the same Fleet Management Interface.
      So if it works in the 350 and does not work on the 360, your are expecting me to believe that it isn't a software issue? I fail to see how it can logically be anything else.


      de John
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