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657Re: [tracker2] Dual serial port modes

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  • Curt, WE7U
    Jul 10 8:58 AM
      On Sun, 9 Jul 2006, Jason Winningham wrote:

      > > NMEA + KISS should be a common one. Seems to work fine so far.
      > Well, Garmin + KISS (or Garmin + "monitor" mode) would be nice - plot
      > stuff on the GPS and feed an APRS app on a laptop at the same time.
      > I _really_ like the results of Garmin mode display on the GPS.

      Garmin + KISS, or NMEA in/out + KISS are what I'd be interested in.
      If the KISS TNC could send the NMEA strings through to the PC, so
      much the better. Perhaps as a different device number on an MKISS

      Also: Same as above but replace "KISS" with "CMD mode TNC". in
      this mode, control-E from the PC should cause the TNC to send the
      NMEA string(s) to the PC.

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