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6491T2-135 Decode performance

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  • Mark Cheavens
    Feb 9, 2009
      Over the weekend I did some testing with a very early model DR-135
      and the latest version the MK-III.

      The MK-III does NOT have the serial port "buzz" in the speaker any longer.

      As I suspected the unit decodes FLAT audio better than PROPERLY
      pre-emphasized audio since there is no de-emphasis network on the T2-135.

      With my test files I was able to decode AFSK pre-emphasized audio on
      both radio's at 1.0uV. (Not stellar performance). I can normally get
      radio's to decode around .5uV and a KPC-3 and .7uV with a TNC-2 clone.

      With FLAT audio the early model would decode about .75uV and the
      MK-III around .68uV.

      It really needs about a 3db per octave de-emphasis network. I will
      work on that in a few weeks and see if I can improve it.

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