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6350Re: [tracker2] Re: Transmit(encode)/Receive(decode) performance

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  • Scott Miller
    Feb 3, 2009
      > Do you have any suggestions which I can try to resolve this predicament?
      > Have you done any comparison tests with other tnc's?

      I do a lot of testing with WA8LMF's APRS test CD. For the T2-135, I
      pipe that into the modulation input of my HP 8920A and then into the
      DR-135T. For other TNCs, I usually just run the audio straight from a
      CD player. If you do that and get less than 900 packets decoded,
      something's not working right.

      Unfortunately the T2-135 is hard to test without a service monitor, but
      if you can do that, let me know how many packets you get.

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