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6335RE: [tracker2] T2 tracker package

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  • Peter Dakota Summerhawk
    Feb 2, 2009

      Scott, is this something you are going to be selling in the near future? I would like to take this idea to our SAR group so they can get some idea of their mounted operations and use with aprs.




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      I've been working on my Tracker2 SAR package again:

      http://n1vg. net/images/ sar_tracker. jpg

      It includes a 5-watt transceiver with integrated Tracker2
      (tracker/digipeater /etc), a SiRFstar III GPS receiver with patch
      antenna, and an 8xAA battery pack. The whole thing is surrounded by
      about 1/4" of rubber padding on the inside, and when you close the latch
      it forms a snug fit that keeps everything in place with a good deal of
      shock resistance. With some RTV around the base of the antenna, it
      should be submersible.

      The pictured unit is mostly a mock-up at the moment, though. All of
      those pieces are there, but (aside from the T2 and radio) nothing's
      connected. That antenna is a perfect fit, but it happens to have an SMA
      connector and not the BNC it needs. The GPS receiver is just dropped in
      to test the fit.

      When I'm done, there should be a small control panel with a power LED,
      on/off/configuratio n switch, and a programming/ external GPS jack. I'm
      still working on how that's going to be laid out.

      I wish the loops were on the sides, to make it easier to strap to a pack
      with webbing, but I'm sure I can still work out some kind of mounting


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