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6334Re: [tracker2] Re: [SAR_APRS] T2 tracker package

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  • Tom Hayward
    Feb 2, 2009
      > Is the GPS antenna oriented properly with the antenna vertical?
      > Educating users how to carry their GPS to record good tracks is
      > a similar issue (it's a sore point, if you can't tell).
      > tracker to be part of the antenna system). Of course, the location
      > of the tracker box must allow for GPS reception, unless you design
      > a combined radio and gps antenna!

      I don't think this will be an issue with the SiRFstar III GPS receiver
      Scott has picked for this device. I've never succeeding in getting
      this GPS to lose signal during normal operation (on the floor of my
      car, in the basement, under trees--doesn't seem to phase it).

      Nothing like the old yellow eTrex units that have to see the sky to
      get a signal!

      Tom KD7LXL
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