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6333Re: [tracker2] Re: [SAR_APRS] T2 tracker package

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  • Scott Miller
    Feb 2, 2009
      > Now that you have the radio in the case, does it happen to line up
      > sufficiently to use a bulkhead-style BNC connector through the case
      > and connect it with just a male-to-male BNC coupler?

      It lines up just fine, assuming you can get the length right. And
      trying to get everything mated might be tricky.

      > Without drawing, it's hard to explain… If you look at the case,
      > vertically, and thread the webbing down through the loop and behind/
      > under the case then out the other loop, it won't prevent the case from
      > being opened.

      Yeah, I see what you mean.

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