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6331Re: [tracker2] Re: [SAR_APRS] T2 tracker package

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  • Adam Sherman
    Feb 2, 2009
      On 2-Feb-09, at 16:06 , Scott Miller wrote:
      > I can confirm that the friction-fit antenna (in my somewhat jagged
      > hand-cut hole) is NOT submersible. I dropped the unit (with scrap T2
      > end panels in place of the electronics) in a tub of water and it
      > leaked
      > pretty quickly, even with a grommet. Still, rain wouldn't be a
      > problem,
      > and with a proper hole and some RTV I really think it can be pretty
      > waterproof.

      Now that you have the radio in the case, does it happen to line up
      sufficiently to use a bulkhead-style BNC connector through the case
      and connect it with just a male-to-male BNC coupler?

      > I was thinking about the webbing loop thing myself. It just can't be
      > too difficult to undo to get access to the guts.

      Without drawing, it's hard to explain… If you look at the case,
      vertically, and thread the webbing down through the loop and behind/
      under the case then out the other loop, it won't prevent the case from
      being opened.


      Adam Sherman
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