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628RE: [tracker2] Xmodem firmware update.

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  • Jon
    Jul 5, 2006
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      Got a Linux box started up and minicom on it
      > .bin file, not the .s19
      the .bin file is what I'm using
      > file. I haven't been updating the .bin version
      > because I haven't written a
      > translator program yet - preparing the .bin file is
      > a multi-step process
      > that requires some manual editing. Once I get a
      > chance to automate it, I'll
      > make sure it's kept up to date.
      Ah.. ok. its behind a bit...
      > The XMODEM support should be the standard, ancient
      > version of the protocol -
      > 128-byte blocks, not XMODEM-CRC or XMODEM-1k. Just
      > about any comm program
      > should be able to do that.
      I'm trying minicom now

      > If the bootloader doesn't see the proper signature
      > in the first block, it'll
      > just stop what it's doing. You'll see 128 bytes
      > transferred, and it'll
      > hang.
      oh oh.

      got several NAK on sector messages...

      It seems to be hung.. alternating between green & red
      in the led... briefly blinking green


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