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612Firmware update

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  • scott@opentrac.org
    Jun 15, 2006
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      This one is something of an experiment. The only change is that now in
      Garmin mode the tracker will respond to a product request packet. This is
      what a PC mapping program uses to identify the device it's connected to.

      The big question here is which mapping programs will display incoming
      waypoints when they haven't specifically been requested. I was able to get
      USAPhotoMaps to plot waypoint by selecting the 'receive waypoints' option.
      However, there's no guarantee that'll work properly with all mapping
      programs. When a program requests a waypoint dump, it expects a count of
      the records, followed by the waypoints themselves, followed by an
      end-of-transfer packet. In this case, it's only getting waypoint records.
      What happens depends entirely on how the mapping program was written.

      This should be a good application for the optional FRAM memory. The tracker
      could write all waypoints to memory, and then send them using the normal
      Garmin transfer protocol when requested. Any mapping program that supports
      Garmin waypoint downloads should then be able to do APRS, but it'll require
      user intervention. Still, it'll greatly expand your choices for APRS

      Anyway, if you've got a favorite mapping program, fire it up and try it out,
      let me know what happens.

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