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605RE: [tracker2] Prototype rev B changes

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  • scott@opentrac.org
    Jun 12, 2006
      Here's the deal with the pin header - I need about 14 pins for expansion anyway, and it's mostly generic I/O and power/ground, so I'm using the layout of the typical HD44780 LCD header and adding a space for a contrast adjust resistor.  The second serial interface is on the header mostly so you can plug in a GPS module there.
      The I2C port is also on the pin header, so that could be used for expansion of some sort.

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      Mute pin can be allocated in the kpc3 software to two pins.... pin 8 and I think pin 4.  I use pin 8.  Pin 7 is power.  Pin 2 is XCD.
      I like the idea of a serial port for an LCD.... HOWEVER.. it seems that it would be pretty easy to make a serial lcd controller for a pic that would catch packets going to the GPS on the normal serial port.  I find myself wondering (when using a GPS to display data) which station has updated.  If a serial LCD would simply display a chronological list of the callsigns of stations heard, that would go a long long way.
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      From: scott@...
      Sent: Sunday, June 11, 2006 6:36 PM
      Subject: [tracker2] Prototype rev B changes

      I'm hoping to finish up the next revision of the through-hole (OT2m) board
      soon and get it submitted in the next couple of days. I think I've fixed
      all of the silkscreen problems, and I improved the component layout in the
      demodulator section to make it more clear what goes where.

      Pin 6 on the RJ12 jack is now connected to the configuration jumper input
      for convenience. The CTS and RTS handshaking signals on the serial port are
      connected to the second serial interface, and could be used either as a
      second serial port (with an appropriate cable) or for hardware flow control
      (good for the HamHUD.) I couldn't find space for a MAX202 without totally
      changing the board layout, so that won't be in this version.

      The single-row 10-pin header has been replaced with a dual-row 14-pin
      header. I think I might try to lay it out so that it could be used with an
      LCD module, and I'll see if I can get the second serial interface on it.

      I need to allocate a pin for a mute output - I think that goes to pin 2 of
      the radio connector on the KPC-3? Might also need a TTL level squelch/COR

      Is there anything I'm forgetting?

      Oh, the order has been place for the cases. They'll be done in 4 or 5
      weeks. There have been no changes in the board footprint, so the beta OT1m
      and OT2m boards will fit. Or they'd better, anyway, with what I paid for
      the first batch!


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