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591Re: [tracker2] PLC logic

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  • Wes johnston
    Jun 3, 2006
      Perhaps defining multiple orthogonal areas?  A 2 point line suits me ... or a parallelagram... If you look at the coast of SC, it runs approx 45 degrees to the north and east.  A orthogonal box just isn't gunna catch my balloon before it hits water.
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      Actually, for rectangular areas that are orthogonal to the coordinate plane,
      there's not much processing involved.  Each GPS coordinate is already
      converted to a 32-bit integer format,  so it's just a matter of seeing if
      your coordinate pair falls between two corners.  And that only has to be
      done every second or two, when a new position comes in.

      I'll probably do that eventually as part of the scripting system.  I plan to
      set aside one page of flash (512 bytes) for script code, so you could fit a
      number of geofence checks in there.


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      > The "geofences" might have a use as report triggers (or blockers!);
      > circling closed garages and any other black holes. Little
      > reward from lots
      > of cpu cycles, but, again, just a thought.
      > Juha OH5NXO
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