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572Re: [tracker2] Firmware build 53875

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  • James Ewen
    May 30, 2006
      >>>>APRS via WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1
      >>>>APRS via MYCALL, WIDE1*,WIDE2-1
      >>>>Or become
      >>>>APRS via MYCALL*,WIDE2-1
      >>>It'll do the first one... should the replacement that you show happen any
      >>>time a WIDEn-N is used up?
      >>Older kpc's leave it in there.... but I'd really like to see:
      >>ai4px-15>aprs v WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2
      >>ai4px-15>aprs v digicall*,WIDE2-2
      >>ai4px-15>aprs v digicall,WIDE1*,WIDE2-2
      >Either way works the same (allowing the next digi to operate the
      >next "address" in the mobile user's digipath) but leaving the
      >WIDE1* in the "path history" can help show other users that the
      >digipath started as WIDE1-1 (so they too can have success using
      >that path). In other words, it preserves more of the "path history".

      I have been a part of a protracted "discussion" on what is "correct". It is
      difficult to back arguements for or against an opinion on APRS operations
      because Bob Bruninga designed the APRS network and digipeater operations in
      his head on the fly. There were never any documents that described the
      proper operation of these devices. There still is no documentation as far as
      I know. They did sit down and write up the APRS spec many years ago, but
      that only describes the packets, not how the hardware handles the packets.

      The best one can do is look at how things were implemented, and from that
      infer that in Bob's mind, that is how APRS was designed.

      Bob had a close hand in upgrades to the APRS hardware used in the Kantronics
      line of TNCs and the Kenwood radios.

      The Kantronics line do digipeater substitution which leaves a packet looking
      like this:

      ai4px-15>aprs v digicall,WIDE1*,WIDE2-2

      From this I would support the argument that this is the "correct" way to
      mark the packet as used up with callsign substitution. This is supported by
      the Kantronics documentation.

      Cap's assessment about preserving path history in right on the money in my

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