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5662Re: Paclink & AGWPE

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  • Greg Cummings
    Jan 5, 2009
      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, "Rodney" <rodpadmore@...> wrote:
      > I wonder if there now is some recommended set of settings that will
      > enable me to use OT2 for Paclink with the help of AGWPE,please,tnx,73
      > de Rod.

      I've been able to get Paclink to work with AGW Packet Engine Pro (PE
      Pro) by defining a Radioport in PE Pro to 4800 baud, select TNC2
      Clone, "Kiss Simple" in TNC Sub Type, and clear all KISS commands and
      put "AMODE KISS" in the IniKiss1 line and check the ExitKiss on Exit
      button. Once done, you can choose the AGW channel from within
      Paclink. It didn't go smoothly for me at first, but works fine now.
      BTW, I am running Packlink 3.0.2. and PE Pro 2007.514.

      Good luck.

      - Greg / K7DU
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