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5634Re: [tracker2] LCD View

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  • James Ewen
    Jan 1 9:05 AM
      On Thu, Jan 1, 2009 at 7:54 AM, J. Lance Cotton <groups@...> wrote:
      > touf_toufik wrote:
      >> I'am interested by setup a Digipeater on my location.
      >> I want to purchase a tracker like OT2 or Tinitrack4 view display.
      >> I prefer OT2 tracker, but the addon display on TT4 is very nice to
      >> control raw data on the air directly.
      >> It's possible in futur developement of OT2 to add a display screen to
      >> see APRS packet ?
      > The LCD on the TT4 doesn't let you control or change anything about the
      > data -- it just lets you see it.
      > The OT2 can be connected to a PC through a serial port to monitor on the
      > air data either through TNC2-style command mode or in KISS mode, without
      > interrupting the digipeating function. So you could always connect a
      > laptop or palmtop computer with a serial port to monitor the on the air
      > data.

      You could easily build or purchase an LCD device that would plug into
      the OT2 to allow viewing of the data being spewed out the serial port.
      Here's what I found in a 1 minute Google search... the 20 X 4 modules
      would work okay for the project, and are $35 to $38 USD...

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