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546Firmware build 53875

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  • scott@opentrac.org
    May 27, 2006
      Digi config commands are now implemented:

      ALIAS <n> <callsign>
      Set digipeater alias for slot <n>. This will typically be
      a generic alias like 'WIDE'. No SSID is allowed in this

      DIGIID <n> on|off
      Enable callsign substitution for digipeater alias <n>.
      This should normally be enabled.

      PREEMPT <n> on|off
      Enable digipeater preemption for alias <n>. If preemption is
      enabled, packets will be digipeated on this alias even if it
      isn't the next address in the list.

      USEALIAS <n> on|off
      Enable digipeating for alias <n>

      Remember that all of these except USEALIAS are global, meaning they aren't
      specific to one configuration profile.

      A normal setup should be something like this:

      ALIAS 1 WIDE
      HOPLIMIT 1 3
      DIGIID 1 ON

      These commands will all work remotely, as long as you specify a slot number.
      Typing 'ALIAS' at the command prompt will list all defined aliases, but it
      won't work remotely. Might eventually make a compressed list format for
      remote use.

      That leaves fixed position, SmartBeaconing, and profile switching. I'll try
      to tackle the fixed position commands today (LATITUDE and LONGITUDE) but the
      tricky part there is that they share space with the comment field. If I
      stop doing it that way, I have to add some more code to the config program
      to handle the differences.

      I also fixed a couple of other bugs in the buffer handling. I'd still like
      more feedback on dupe checking problems, if there is still a problem, but I
      think this version should be pretty safe for mountaintop digi use.

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