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4936Re: Nuvi 760 Limited Success with Messages

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  • Robert
    Oct 4, 2008
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      It appears the ack is sent separately.

      For example, I sent -wd9epf ?aprsd from the Nuvi and got the following
      on a dumb terminal connected to port b (The Nuvi is on port a):


      WD9EPF>APU25N,WIDE2-2,WIDE1-1::KA9FLX-9 :ackao

      Message Delivered.

      WD9EPF>APU25N,WIDE2-2,WIDE1-1::KA9FLX-9 :Directs(2)= KB9WGA-15 KC9BDX
      KC9MOP N9FI N9ZIP-15 W9BO-9

      From WD9EPF: Directs(2) KB9WGA-15 KC9BDX KC9MOP N9FI N9ZIP-15 W9BO-9


      As you can see, it appears the messages was ack'd. However, the Nuvi
      continued to send the message 5 more times until I deleted it from the
      outbox. Each time the above was repeated, only that the sequence
      number was different (ackap, ackba, ackbb, ackbc, ackbd).

      The Nuvi did alert for a new message and all of the responses were in
      the inbox on the Nuvi.

      This is where it gets strange. Occasionally, the Nuvi does stop the
      retries when the message is ack'd and I do not have to kill the
      message to stop it. I don't notice any difference in what is
      displayed on the terminal connected to port b.

      Also, if I send the same message from the command line using the dumb
      terminal on port B, the retries do not occur. It almost seems like
      the FMI in the Nuvi does not always process the ack. Assuming the
      tracker is always sending the ack to the Nuvi.

      It would take some time to set up, But I suppose I could capture the
      data between the Nuvi and the tracker, but as I recall that is Garmin
      Binary, so unless you can read it...

      In any event, now that I know what to look for, I'm going to take this
      out on a road test again and see if I can figure out what is or is not

      Bob - KA9FLX

      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, Scott Miller <scott@...> wrote:
      > > I can send a message to a station that is direct (non Digi'd) and I
      > > get a message waiting response and I can then go to my inbox and read
      > > said message.
      > >
      > > Unfortunately, despite the receiving response message, the tracker
      > > continues to send the message until max tries is reached.
      > Do you know if the other station is sending a separate ACK, or a
      > reply-ACK in the same packet?
      > Scott
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