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4901Re: [tracker2] PHG with Temperature

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  • Keith VE7GDH
    Sep 27, 2008
      Fujiura JG2RZF wrote...

      > This is a first time mail in this list because I received a tracker2
      > today(Thanks Scott).

      Welcome to the group!

      > Now, I'm initializing my tracker2 (called JG2RZF).
      > Through this initializing, I have a question.
      > To insert PHG in my beacon, I set the beginning of Text field in
      > otwincfg as "PHG1220" and it worked fine. But, I check the
      > Temperature button in Reporting Option, it becomes no work
      > in PHG. I think it is because the temperature is sent before Text
      > in beacon packet.
      > Anyone configured a PHG with Temperature?

      2008-09-27 09:09:17 UTC:
      :!3441.00NU13548.50E# 13.4V 22C

      There's a beacon that includes the voltage and temperature.

      2008-09-27 09:15:15 UTC:
      2008-09-27 09:15:16 UTC:
      :=3441.00N/13548.50E-Shin-Ohmiya RX Only

      However, it appears that JG2RZF is sometimes used by UI-View.

      2008-09-27 10:15:24 UTC:
      :!3441.00NU13548.50E# 13.4V 22CPHG1220 W1,NRn New-N Fill-in Digi NARA

      That's the T2 and it still included the voltage and temperature followed
      by the PHG etc.

      2008-09-27 10:22:08 UTC:
      :!3441.00NU13548.50E#PHG1220 W1,NRn New-N Fill-in Digi NARA

      Then later the PHG is gone. Are you using profile switching? Perhaps you
      have voltage and temperature enabled in one profile but not the other.
      Also, what happens if you send the PHG as status text in every second
      transmission instead of in a beacon comment every transmission?

      2008-09-27 11:52:01 UTC:
      2008-09-27 11:53:07 UTC:
      2008-09-27 11:54:08 UTC:
      2008-09-27 11:57:14 UTC:
      2008-09-27 11:58:16 UTC:
      2008-09-27 11:59:19 UTC:
      2008-09-27 12:00:21 UTC:
      2008-09-27 12:01:25 UTC:
      2008-09-27 12:03:30 UTC:
      2008-09-27 12:15:02 UTC:

      Also, it seems to be beaconing every minute or so most of the time. Is
      that just while you are testing?

      73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
      "I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"
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