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4741RE: [tracker2] Nuvi350 "My Locations Memory is Full"

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  • Fred Hillhouse
    Sep 5, 2008
      "I suspect that when you delete waypoints in EasyGPS, it only deletes them
      in EasyGPS, but *not* from the GPS connected to the computer running

      You are correct about EasyGPS. There is no way to delete waypoints in most,
      if not all Garmin GPS units. All EasyGPS does is provide a storage for the
      waypoints you mostly always want. I would take the GPS to the PC, delete all
      waypoints, then connect and reload my regular waypoints.

      Now Magellan does have GPS receives with a software controlled delete to the
      best of my knowledge. If I had one connected to ExpertGPS, the delete option
      is available.

      "Too expensive for my pocketbook since I already have a good mapping GPS and
      two laptops."

      I understand completely! I don't have a laptop so the EeePC appears to make
      sense, since I only would like a laptop for mobile use. It is a cheap,
      rugged unit. My brother has a 4G model with WinXP. He has loaded Mapsource
      for trip planning an such. He also runs the units with the top closed as an
      MP3 player on his motorcycle. He recently completed a trip from New
      Hampshire to Malibu, CA and back with many others points in between. In
      fact, it ran all the way across the desert along I-15.

      "What source of mapping does XASTIR use?"

      I think the question is more like, how many types are enough? It appears to
      support just about everything. I think I even saw the kitchen sink in there.

      "Is it on a CD/DVD? If so, does the eeePC have a CD/DVD reader or sufficient
      mass memory to hold a good collection of maps?"

      Your definition of a good collection is certainly subjective. However, the
      EeePC has a USB port that an external hard drive or DVD drive can be
      connected to.

      "If I remember correctly, XASTIR runs natively under Linux"

      True, but it does run under VMWare in Windows.

      "and I believe the first versions of the eeePC also run Linux"

      Yes, there are both flavors; Linux and Windows.

      The EeePC comes in a 2G, 4G (Linux & WinXP), 12G (WinXP), 20G (GNU Linux)
      Version. The 12G and 20G I believe are 4G drives and a second drive for the

      For XASTIR, I recommend their group: http://www.xastir.org Someone maybe
      soon working on documentation (Wiki) for an install onto the EeePC.

      Best regards,
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