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4740Re: [tracker2] Nuvi350 "My Locations Memory is Full"

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  • Barry L. Lankford
    Sep 4, 2008
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      Brent Gay wrote:
      > The ability to set the range of stations (in miles) that populate the Nuvi
      > is a T2 feature...I believe the command is "maxrange" if I remember
      > correctly.
      > I use the Garmin Mappoint to manage my waypoints, so if I need to do a fresh
      > reload I hook it up and just reload my saved favorites. I hardly ever do
      > this though. I never do it due to full memories because I have maxrange set
      > appropriately for my area.
      > It works really well, and I am very happy with the product and the service
      > Scott provides. You will be happy with the T2/Nuvi combo. Be careful

      I think I have to disagree. Since I mentioned in my previous post that I'd
      like to use the Tracker2/Nuvi 350 combo to track balloons and chase teams,
      then I'm sure I would not be happy with it. Balloons have an annoying way
      of traveling outside any reasonable "maxrange" limit, even if you are
      attempting to keep up with it in a car.

      I already have a TH-D7ag and a GPSMAP76CS. The TH-D7ag, which has the "POS
      LIMIT" feature (apparently equivalent to the Tracker2 "maxrange" feature),
      and the GPSMAP76CS, which in this application (tracking moving targets on a
      map) is the equal to the Nuvi 350. Well, to put it simply, they don't do
      it for me.

      Furthermore, I once read a review of the TH-D7ag, and the reviewer pointed
      out that the "POS LIMIT" feature was of very limited value as it didn't (or
      wasn't able to) delete the waypoints as they pass outside the range set by
      the user. He wrote that you'll severely limit your ability to display APRS
      beacons, but will still end up with your waypoint memory full, albeit at a
      slightly slower rate, and a "circle of waypoints" will be left on your
      display at the set "POS LIMIT" value.

      In my own use of the function on my TH-D7ag, I've found that to be
      absolutely true. Even more, if you are using the combo in a moving car,
      your GPS leaves a trail of non-updated waypoints behind you as they pass
      outside the "POS LIMIT" due to your own movement *even* for those waypoints
      from stationary trackers along your way.

      Also, the accumulation of unwanted waypoints, besides getting co-mingled
      with (and difficult to delete from) your own non-APRS waypoints, add
      additional clutter to the display and slow up the screen refresh.

      If I have access to my laptop wherever I'm doing my tracking, I can do as
      you suggest, backup (and restore) my own mostly non-APRS waypoints, but it
      is yet another aggravation that I'd like to avoid, and doesn't address the
      issue of display clutter and slowdown. BTW, there are other workarounds
      such as using APRS Group Names or using a particular waypoint symbol for
      waypoints from the TH-D7 (or Tracker2) so that a group "delete by symbol"
      can quickly delete them, but these workarounds, like nearly all
      workarounds, all have irritations and/or disadvantages of their own.

      > though...I think the only Nuvi that is fully-functional at this point is the
      > Nuvi 350. The other models may leave breadcrumbs as stations as they move.

      Yeah, I suspected that. That is true of other Garmin GPS models as well,
      even some handheld models. It is actually dependent on firmware version in
      some models. The firmware version I'm using in my GPSMAP76CS (v4.00 I
      think) updates existing waypoints with the new position, and doesn't leave
      the trail, essentially "moving" the waypoint. I think there have been two
      updates to the firmware beyond the version I'm using. According to a
      poster in another forum, the newer versions cause a trail of the old
      waypoints (with appended sequence numbers) left behind so I haven't
      uploaded them. Fortunately for me, the other changes added to those newer
      versions, I believe, only affect treatment of names in some foreign
      languages, so I don't need them. Some newer models don't have earlier
      firmware versions that handled updated waypoints in the way the Nuvi 350
      does. Apparently Garmin's programmers had a change of philosophy with
      regard to the method of handling duplicate waypoint names 2 or 3 years ago.
      I think it was a mistake.

      > Search the posts for a listing of compatabilty. Besides you can get some
      > very good deals on the 350 now anyways.
      > Brent, KF4JZY
      > On Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 8:04 AM, Fred Hillhouse <fmhillhouse@...>wrote:
      >> I don't know how if many GPS units allow deleting waypoints from the
      >> communication port. It appears Garmin mostly does not. I say mostly because
      >> maybe the newer ones do. That is the first obstacle. The GPS firmware needs
      >> updating. Once the GPS is updated, setting a waypoint age limit would be
      >> nice. I like the time function on APRS.FI.
      >> Range limit, BUDLIST, etc are all nice features.
      >> Maybe the best option is a Asus EeePC [cheaper than many GPS units] coupled
      >> with the T2, running XASTIR. The mapping options far outstrip every GPS I
      >> have ever seen. This is the direction I am heading. Since I am not running
      >> XASTIR yet, I don't know if the above features have been implemented.

      Too expensive for my pocketbook since I already have a good mapping GPS and
      two laptops. IIRC, the first two generations of the eeePC have a number of
      limitations to reduce cost and size, so I'd be carful to confirm that it
      has the hardware resources to run a useable installation of XASTIR before
      plunking down the cash. For example, what source of mapping does XASTIR
      use? Is it on a CD/DVD? If so, does the eeePC have a CD/DVD reader or
      sufficient mass memory to hold a good collection of maps? If I remember
      correctly, XASTIR runs natively under Linux, and I believe the first
      versions of the eeePC also run Linux, so you'd probably be OK in that
      regard, but I'd check it to be sure.

      Barry N4MSJ

      >> best regards,
      >> Fred
      >> *From:* tracker2@yahoogroups.com [mailto:tracker2@yahoogroups.com] *On
      >> Behalf Of *Barry L. Lankford
      >> *Sent:* Wednesday, September 03, 2008 07:46
      >> *To:* tracker2@yahoogroups.com
      >> *Subject:* Re: [tracker2] Nuvi350 "My Locations Memory is Full"
      >> Is the capability to "only display waypoints within a particular range"
      >> a
      >> Tracker2 capability or a Nuvi350 capability? I ask because I don't
      >> presently have either device, but am considering getting one or the other
      >> (or both).
      >> If this feature is a T2 feature similar to the Kenwood TH-D7ag's setting to
      >> restrict positions outside a particular range (APRS Menu item 2-7: "POS
      >> LIMIT"), then that might not fix the problem of filling up your GPS
      >> receiver's waypoint memory. If the T2 uses the Garmin binary protocol,
      >> which I assume it does since it is my understanding the Fleet Management
      >> Interface (FMI) with the Nuvi GPSes is essentially an extension of Garmin
      >> binary protocol, then it seems like it would be possible for the T2 to
      >> delete waypoints from the Nuvi when they fall outside the user set position
      >> distance limit. The T2 could do that by issuing Garmin "delete waypoint"
      >> commands when the waypoints pass beyond the user set limit.
      >> But my question is, does it actually do that? Or does it simply stop
      >> updating a waypoint when it passes beyond the user set limit? That's all
      >> the TH-D7ag does, and it doesn't really fix the problem of filling up the
      >> GPS's waypoint memory. It can help the situation slightly by cutting back
      >> on the total number or waypoints sent to the GPS receiver during a period
      >> to time, but eventually the GPS would likely still require the user to
      >> manually delete waypoints.
      >> Another problem with this capability is that it can't be used if the target
      >> you want to track is a good ways away, such as a balloon. I would also
      >> like a way to minimize the number of Tracker generated waypoints that'll
      >> end up being mixed up with those I've saved and want to keep.
      >> I've tried to convince both Scott and Byon to add a "callsign/SSID filter"
      >> capability to their Tracker2 and TT4 (similar to the BUDLIST and LCALLS
      >> capability of a full-blown TNC). This would be very handy for tracking a
      >> balloon and the chase teams, maybe up to 8 or 10 callsign/SSIDs of 9 bytes
      >> each, but as far as I know, neither of them as implemented that capability.
      >> This would also allow easier use of the waypoint output capability with
      >> GPSes that can't use Garmin binary protocol and must use the NMEA $GPWPL
      >> method.
      >> Barry N4MSJ
      >> Fred Hillhouse wrote:
      >>> Have you tried deleting waypoints?
      >>> This is a good use of only displaying waypoints within a particular
      >> range.
      >>> _____
      >>> From: tracker2@yahoogroups.com <tracker2%40yahoogroups.com> [mailto:
      >> tracker2@yahoogroups.com <tracker2%40yahoogroups.com>] On Behalf
      >>> Of Margie and Dave
      >>> Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2008 11:44
      >>> To: tracker2@yahoogroups.com <tracker2%40yahoogroups.com>
      >>> Subject: [tracker2] Nuvi350 "My Locations Memory is Full"
      >>> Hi Guys,
      >>> i have been running the Nuvi350 for a day or so now and got the "My
      >>> Locations Memory is Full" message this morning.
      >>> Tried powering down, resetting etc but still get the error message.
      >>> A search of the group did not find a fix.
      >>> Has anyone found a fix to get it working again?
      >>> 73's
      >>> Dave
      >>> VA3DK
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