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4738Re: [tracker2] Nuvi350 "My Locations Memory is Full"

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  • Barry L. Lankford
    Sep 4, 2008
      I suspect that when you delete waypoints in EasyGPS, it only deletes them
      in EasyGPS, but *not* from the GPS connected to the computer running
      EasyGPS. See comments below:

      Scott Miller wrote:
      >> Is the capability to "only display waypoints within a particular range" a
      >> Tracker2 capability or a Nuvi350 capability? I ask because I don't
      > It's the MAXRANGE command on the T2.
      >> distance limit. The T2 could do that by issuing Garmin "delete waypoint"
      >> commands when the waypoints pass beyond the user set limit.
      > Only there ARE no 'delete waypoint' commands. I've been begging for one
      > for years now.

      I was afraid of that. In fact, before I sent the post, I had intended to
      change that sentence to read something like: "If there is a Garmin 'delete
      waypoint' command, the T2 could do that by deleting each waypoint as the
      waypoint passes beyond the user set limit." But my train of thought wasn't
      long enough, and I forgot to change it. I have a copy of the Garmin
      protocol document around here somewhere but wasn't able to find out where
      I've saved it (I've got 4 old computers that still work).

      Since there is apparently no "delete command" in either Garmin protocol or
      NMEA, then it seems to me that the current discussion about using EasyGPS
      to delete Nuvi waypoints is futile. If a Tracker2 can't do it, I can't see
      how ANY external program or device can do it.

      Too bad about the lack of the command. Seems like it'd be a natural for
      the command set.

      >> I've tried to convince both Scott and Byon to add a "callsign/SSID filter"
      >> capability to their Tracker2 and TT4 (similar to the BUDLIST and LCALLS
      >> capability of a full-blown TNC). This would be very handy for tracking a
      >> balloon and the chase teams, maybe up to 8 or 10 callsign/SSIDs of 9 bytes
      >> each, but as far as I know, neither of them as implemented that capability.
      >> This would also allow easier use of the waypoint output capability with
      >> GPSes that can't use Garmin binary protocol and must use the NMEA $GPWPL
      >> method.
      > 10 callsigns would take up about 70 bytes of configuration space. The
      > T2 has 512 bytes of configuration space, split between two profiles.
      > It's a feature I'd like to add, but it's not a trivial amount of space.
      > It'll also require a new command to edit the list, but maybe it could
      > be shared with the AUTHLIST handler.

      Just a couple more thoughts:

      Is there sufficient (volatile) RAM memory that could hold the list of
      allowed (or disallowed) callsigns as long as power is maintained? Seems
      like there'd have to be a good bit of RAM used as buffer space in the KISS
      TNC mode that might not be used in the Tracker mode. Non-volatile
      configuration memory would be best, but I could live with temporary. FWIW,
      I figured it'd actually take more like 90 bytes to hold 10 callsign/SSIDs
      (6 for the callsign + 3 for the SSID x 10 callsigns = 90 bytes). I suppose
      you could use a hashing method to save a little space.

      I still haven't located a copy of the Garmin protocol document, so I don't
      know the format of the command that adds new waypoints or changes existing
      ones, but is it possible that one of these commands could actually delete
      waypoints by use of a specific way of passing the parameters of the
      command? For example, If you entered zero's for latitude and longitude in
      the waypoint command, you'd place a waypoint off the west coast of Africa
      on the equator, but if you entered nulls (00h), is it possible that would
      have the effect of deleting the waypoint? Seems like if something that
      simple would do it, Garmin would say so in the spec, but I gotta ask!

      I need to find that document or download another copy!

      Barry N4MSJ
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