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4707Re: Recieving APRS data on Garmin GPSMap60CSX

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  • k9sarfrog
    Sep 1, 2008
      The Garmin unit is set to UTM with WGS84. I assume since it is
      providing the data to the tracker, that it should also be recieving.

      Can I exclude the Garmin from testing the RX piece of the tracker?
      What about testing the output (RX) via UI-View.
      I assume all I need to do is set the com-port?

      To answer some of the previous questions

      On the GPSMap60csx
      was running 3.30
      now running 3.70

      firmware Build for Tracker
      Was 54100
      Now 54680

      Quick note about the tracker fireware upgrade, I did tell it to use
      my existing settings, it still defaulted the value of the port A type
      to Auto.

      Here is the revision history for the Garmin

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