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4545Re: [tracker2] Re: Remote commands not working

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  • Scott Miller
    Aug 6, 2008
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      > Ah moving, ain't that grand fun? (sarcasm)

      Loads of fun. The chemical-resistant resin tops on the lab benches must
      weight 150 lbs each, and they're unwieldy as heck. Of course, I'm doing
      mechanical PCB etching now for prototypes and I don't have the nasty
      chemicals around, but the benches are still handy. The big Hergo test
      bench / work station was probably the easiest to move - it just requires
      a lot of tedious disassembly and reassembly. The front office is still
      just folding chairs and tables for the moment, and will probably stay
      that way for a bit as the important stuff gets taken care of first.

      > I'll check tonight, it does do the action, that is, CMD BEACON and CMD
      > POWER ON and CMD POWER OFF does things (although, the relay is still
      > not providing the full 12VDC). I get an APRS ACK, but never get a

      It should just pass through whatever it gets on the input. Can you
      check the voltage at the IN+ pad?

      > wordy response like I get from my colleagues device when I ask for a
      > CMD VERSION for example.

      Do check the RETRIES setting. If you tell it zero retries, it'll try
      sending the response message exactly zero times.

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