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4515Re: Remote commands not working

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  • peterschrader2
    Aug 4, 2008
      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, Scott Miller <scott@...> wrote:
      > > 2. Using the config program, I cycle the POWER button and observe only
      > > 5 volts at the relay output. Has anybody else had a faulty solid
      > > state relay? Does anybody know the current rating of the solid state
      > > relay off hand?
      > What external power are you providing to the unit, and where?

      +12VDC power is supplied through the DB9 Radio connector

      > The VN920 switch is rated at 30 amps. Keep in mind that it's running
      > through a couple of 70-mil traces about 1 cm long, and it can only
      > dissipate so much heat.

      Noted thanks.

      > Scott
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