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4480Firmware build 54680 released

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  • Scott Miller
    Aug 2 12:19 PM
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      New firmware is available for download now. Changes since the last beta
      release include the DUMP command (to display contents of RAM for
      troubleshooting purposes) and geoid height correction for altitudes in
      Garmin mode.

      I made some tweaks to stack allocation which should hopefully eliminate
      some weird bugs. There's also a stack overflow detection function now -
      if you type INFO and see a 'S*' flag, then the stack has overflowed at
      some point since startup. If you're reporting a bug, be sure to check
      the INFO command first and report if this flag is shown.

      (For the non-programmers out there, the stack is a region of memory that
      the processor uses for temporary storage of variables, function
      parameters, subroutine return addresses, and so on. Bad things happen
      if it runs out of space, but usage is hard to predict in advance.)

      I ran a test unit with Ultimeter 2100 data coming in port A, NMEA
      waypoints and monitor text going out port A, a nuvi 350 on port B,
      digipeating turned on, a constant stream of packets coming in the radio
      port, range limiting on, a script running, and commands and text
      messages being originated on the nuvi, which *hopefully* is a heavier
      load than it's likely to see in real-world use. So far I've seen no

      Time to go work on the manual...