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4427Re: [tracker2] T2-135 using AMODE GARMIN help

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  • Keith VE7GDH
    Jul 27, 2008
      Ron N9QGS wrote...

      > Okay am experiencing a user problem, I'm sure, but your help is
      > appreciated. I know my Garmin 60C worked with the OT2m showing calls
      > and symbols. I recently (yesterday) received my new T2-135 and Alinco
      > Radio. I got the GPs talking through the front data port but I wired
      > my Garmin 60C and put it in Garmin Mode.
      > I wired the round serial connector brown (GPS OUT) to pin 3 and white
      > (GPS IN) to pin two and black (GPS ground) to pin 5.

      Keep in mind that the front port on the DR135T is one way... data IN to
      the T2-135T only. Data IN on the tip, ~5V+ out on the ring and ground of
      course is on the sleeve.

      > 1. first off regardless if GPS is hooked up or not, when I issue the
      > ABAUD GARMIN command I get a foreign character on the screen and I no
      > longer have any functionality of the T2-135 until I erase and load the
      > firmware back in. What is the proper way to exit Garmin mode so that I
      > could say interface the computer back up to change it to another mode
      > or make some changes? CTRL C isn't doing it.

      You shouldn't have to reload the firmware. Just run otwincfg.exe and
      change it from AMODE GARMIN to AUTO and click on WRITE.

      > 2. When I put it in GARMIN mode, I checked symbols, etc. I have
      > symbols loaded, I am not getting any icons or waypoints being created
      > on my device, and I am not sure how to confirm this, but I don't think
      > the unit is getting GPS data either from the unit. With the smart
      > tracker options set there is nothing transmitting.

      The GPS must be connected to the DE-9 on the back of the radio if you
      want to output received position reports as waypoints. The front port on
      the radio isn't bi-directional.

      > I have no problem using or decoding data using it just in KISS mode
      > etc and with MONITOR on its decoding well. I've either completely
      > missed a command or wired it wrong?

      Do you have the GPS connected to the front or the back of the radio?

      > I'm gonna stare some more to make sure I didn't wire something wrong
      > but I have spent 8 hours trying to debug this and no symptoms have
      > changed. My larger concern is how the heck you get it out of GARMIN
      > mode when you want to use the device another way, or why I can't find
      > this explanation in the manual.

      Again, just run otwincfg.exe and change it to AUTO.

      73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
      "I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"
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