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4408Re: [tracker2] Digipeater

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  • Scott Miller
    Jul 24, 2008
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      The workaround is to use the scripting system to trigger beacons at
      specified time intervals. The main limitation right now is that you
      can't really specify different paths.


      Jason KG4WSV wrote:
      > On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 3:56 PM, gervais fillion <ve2ckn@...
      > <mailto:ve2ckn%40hotmail.com>> wrote:
      > > hi
      > > well can the OT2 be used on a mountain as a digi just like an ordinary
      > > tnc???
      > You can probably dumb it down to work like an "ordinary" TNC; by
      > default, it can be much smarter i nthe way it digipeats.
      > I think it is a bit more limited in the number of beacon slots as
      > compared e.g. to a KPC-3, but there has been discussion on this
      > subject and there could be workarounds to that (I wasn't paying too
      > much attention).
      > -Jason
      > kg4wsv
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