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432Re: [tracker2] Firmware update

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  • Patrick Gardella
    May 1, 2006
      It would be great if the OT2 could detect whether the GPS connection were Garmin or NMEA. I
      realized that I had forgotten to set my GPS to Garmin mode after I made the same change in the

      Patrick N3EO

      --- scott@... wrote:

      > I didn't have time to get the 1-wire weather stuff up and running, but I did
      > get the diagnostics working.
      > The CALIBRATE command has four functions - it'll send a low tone, high tone,
      > alternating tones, or packets. Eventually it'll also provide loopback data,
      > but that requires modifying code that's shared with the OpenTracker.
      > The DEVLIST command will enumerate all devices on the 1-wire bus. A TAI8515
      > weather instrument should show up with 3 addresses, starting with 20, 10,
      > and 1D.
      > Scott

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