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4251Using Beacon for Telemetry

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  • usna71
    Jul 5, 2008
      Can I send telemetry information using the Beacon command on the Tracker2? My concept
      was to format the telemetry into text strings preceeded by Beacon and sending them from
      the computer continuously for 50 seconds, sending a blank Beacon command to force a
      position report, and then waiting for 9 seconds before starting the cycle again. The
      question would be how fast to send the data, what happens to data sent too fast, does it
      just get lost or will it freeze up the unit. Also, what is the difference between using Beacon
      and Beacon !, how does that exclamation mark change things? In my trials it seems to make
      no difference. Obviously we would not be using this on the APRS frequency, but on some
      other unused frequency.

      Bill, KB1MOV
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