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4250Re: [tracker2] Traker2 not decoding all of a sudden

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  • paul sinclair
    Jul 4, 2008
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      Right, after sorting the noise on the gateways tx, the tracker2 started to decode good. And then all of a sudden, (after turning the atv off and coming back after dinner) it wasn't working. So i don't really know whats wrong, if i recorded a few minutes of packet traffic from my 2 transmitters, could someone test it to se is it just my tracker2, or opentracker+ i am using as a tnc. I would upgrade the opentracker in the gateway to an ot2, but moneys a bit tight, im upgrading my hf tranciever. So im hoping its not the problem.

      i used the info command, and the fcs was showing like 14 and more from time to time, so its getting allot of errors. I might send it back to you to get this capacitor changed, but im not sure thats the problem.

      73, Paul. EI5GTB
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