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4244Re: [tracker2] Nuvi 350 and 010-10813-00 Garmin Cable

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  • Scott Miller
    Jul 4 9:44 AM
      OT2m orders are currently on hold, pending delivery of enclosures.

      If you ordered the cable from the argentdata.com store and selected the
      DB9 option, it'll have a DB9. Otherwise you get bare wires. For the
      OT2m, yellow goes to pin 2. For the T2-135, yellow goes to pin 3.


      gkremzier wrote:
      > I have purchased the cable and an Open tracker Ot2m. I have not
      > received either. Does the garmin cable have the DB-9 conector on it?
      > The Garmin site does not have a picture. If the connector is on the
      > cable, is it wired properly so it is plug and play with the tracker?
      > If it needs to be rewired what is the correct wiring. I have seen
      > conflicting wiring between the yellow and white wires. One post says
      > white is pin 2 and the other says pin 3.
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