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4226Re: [tracker2] Symptom: Problems getting seen on findu

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  • Jim Tolbert
    Jul 2 10:28 AM

      There seems to be a factor of 4 difference between the TXDELAY set via the otwincfg.exe ( running in wine under linux) and TXDELAY set via the monitor.  The setting set in the config program is 4 times greater than the value seen when checking the T2 via minicom. 

      So.... do I want 160 as set by the config program or 160 as set by the monitor or the nuvi 350?

      I just took a drive with half set one way and half set the other in the same places where I have been picked up the last couple of days, but alas..... nothing today ;-{

      Thanks for your ideas............... jt

      P. Suryono Adisoemarta wrote:


      What is your PATH? set to WIDE1-1,WIDE2- 1
      what is your TXDELAY setting? 100 is probably too short, try setting at 160.
      Also, setting a TXLEVEL at 2/3rd position on the slider might help.

      Maybe your GPS is not sensitive? loss GPS lock too easy that made you're not transmitting your position.

      The others might have other ideas to help you,

      73 de Paulus N5SNN / YD0NXX

      --- On Wed, 7/2/08, Jim Tolbert <riverridge@centuryt el.net> wrote:

      > From: Jim Tolbert <riverridge@centuryt el.net>
      > Subject: [tracker2] Symptom: Problems getting seen on findu
      > To: tracker2@yahoogroup s.com
      > Date: Wednesday, July 2, 2008, 7:57 AM
      > I have a T2-135 (in a DR-135 obviously) and a nuvi 350 in my
      > car. I
      > don't live in the middle of nowhere, but we can see it
      > from here!
      > As best as I can tell, everything is programmed correctly
      > and appears to
      > be working.
      > I have had only three locations show up on findu.com. My
      > call is KC9MXT
      > and I am near zip=54893. I have received NO packets.
      > What are the best guesses as to my problem
      > -- wimpy antenna? I bought a $20 whip with a magnetic
      > mount -- there
      > seems to no limit as to what can be spent on an antenna and
      > reading the
      > advertisements hasn't helped me. What parameters
      > should I look for?
      > -- just too far from anyone with an IGate? How can I tell
      > where the
      > IGates are?
      > -- setup error -- hardware or software -- Where might I
      > start checking?
      > -- One walkie-talkie problem -- do I just need to get
      > close enough to
      > another site transmitting?
      > I just want to confirm that everything is operating as it
      > should be. My
      > interest is in using this rig with SAR operations, so I
      > don't really
      > need to talk to the outside world as much as the local
      > transmitters.
      > Unfortunately, I don't have any additional T2 or RTraks
      > yet.
      > Obviously, I am new at this -- please be gentle
      > <grin>.
      > Many thanx....... ....... jt
      > --
      > Jim Tolbert, KC9MXT
      > RiverRidge@CenturyT el.net
      > ------------ --------- --------- ------
      > Yahoo! Groups Links

      Jim Tolbert, KC9MXT
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