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3955Re: [tracker2] Scripting problem

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  • Tom Twist
    Jun 3, 2008
      On Tue, 03 Jun 2008 19:38:15 +0200, Scott Miller <scott@...>

      > Is it resetting the whole thing, or just the script engine? If you're
      > at the command prompt, does it kick you out so that you get the banner
      > again?

      No, it seems it's just restarting the scripting. But it is very
      Sometimes I can issue a Reset command, and it will behave as expected, at
      times I need to cut the power to make it return to sending the 5 s message.
      I can get 3 messages before it hangs, or more than 5.

      > I'll check on the port B thing.
      > Did you notice the button to show the code listing in a form that can be
      > copied and pasted?

      Yes, too bad I can't paste it back. But I guess the Script Editor will
      be further developed later. For now it's great. I just love scripting!


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