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3661Re: [tracker2] New Tracker2 not decoding packets very well

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  • Brent Gay
    May 4, 2008
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      One thing I am noticing is that it seems the T2 needs to have an almost full-scale signal to decode packets. I am getting a steady stream of good sounding packets with 6 bars of signal of my Yaesu 8800 and it is not decoding them. The only way it is decoding is if the signal is at least 8 bars on the radio. I have it wired to the 1200baud wire.

      As far as the HTX-202; I do not have the resistor in the circuit because I thought that only had to do with the TX. I also looked at the schematic for the HTX-202 cable that Byonics sells and it does not show having the resistor. I have played with the volume a lot on the HTX-202 with no success. I'm starting to wonder if my T2 is hard of hearing?? Maybe I'm spoiled by my PK-232, but after all that has a DSP in it as well. Is it normal to need such a strong signal to properly decode packets with the T2?

      Sorry for all the questions; I'm just wanting to get this to work without having to but another radio.


      On Sun, May 4, 2008 at 8:42 PM, Patrick <winston@...> wrote:

      are you perhaps overdriving the tracker with too much volume from the
      htx?? with some handhelds it takes a bit of playing if you don't happen
      to have an analyzer handy to set the receive levels. the 2.2k resistor
      is likely a little low.. I don't have a cable handy to look as I think
      my spare one is at work, but I think mine are all using at least 3k's.


      Brent Gay wrote:
      > For testing purposes I have the PTT wire unhooked. I just have the
      > ground going to pin 6 and the audio in going to pin 5. I confirmed
      > that works by recording some audio to Audacity. Also, I see the RX
      > light come on but no decoded packets on the console. I do have some
      > 2.2k resistors and .1uf caps. Will I need those if I use the HT jumper
      > in the T2?
      > Brent

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