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3658Re: [tracker2] New Tracker2 not decoding packets very well

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  • Patrick
    May 4, 2008
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      How do you have the htx202 connected to the tracker2? What resistor and
      capacitor values are you using in the connection for ptt? I've got a
      couple OTs using the 202's and packet in general with no troubles.


      Brent Gay wrote:
      > Here is my latest testing:
      > Yaesu to PK-232 - Decodes
      > HTX-202 to PK-232 - Decodes
      > Yaesu to Tracker2 - Decodes
      > HTX-202 to Tracker2 - Does not decode even a signal coming from the
      > same room.
      > I have checked wiring, reset/reflashed the tracker, made sure all
      > settings were correct. Is there anyone who is using a HTX-202 with a
      > Tracker2 that can tell me how it is working for you and any advice?
      > Thanks Keith for the investigation you did. I am hoping there is some
      > way to get this working without having to rewire the inside of the radio.
      > Brent
      > On Sun, May 4, 2008 at 8:32 AM, Keith VE7GDH <ve7gdh@...
      > <mailto:ve7gdh@...>> wrote:
      > Brent KF4JZY wrote...
      > > Now the question is why in the world am I having such a hard
      > time with
      > > the HTX-202??? I really would like to use that radio because it is a
      > > spare and I do not want to buy another. Do I need to have a resistor
      > > and capacitor somewhere in the cable? I saw that in some diagrams.
      > I know there are people using the HTX-202 but I did a search...
      > http://www.tigertronics.com/bay_wire.htm#RADIO SHACK
      > RADIO SHACK - (HTX-202, HTX-404) Wired the same as ICOM.
      > This radio does not receive as well as some others on packet. The
      > problem is that the radio's audio frequency response rolls off too
      > soon and distorts the high tone...
      > Also http://www.qrz.com/download/mods-e-h/htx202pk.txt
      > *** The file name is htx202pk.txt but the subject says HTX-252
      > Subject: Subj: HTX-252 Packet
      > This radio wasn't particularly suited to packet use as purchased.
      > Transmit was easily decoded by other rigs, but receive audio was,
      > shall we say, horrible. Looking at the audio signal it appeared
      > that the 1200Hz tone had about 6-12dB more gain than the 2200Hz
      > tone when working 1200 AFSK.
      > To solve this, route the rx signal directly from the FM detector
      > directly to the 1/8" speaker jack. The audio signal has a DC
      > componant that is blocked by a 470uF/16V electrolytic (radial
      > leaded tubular located near the side of the chassis near the
      > speaker jack).
      > Remove the 470uF cap and use one pad to route the rx signal
      > from the FM detector (TK10487 pin 11) through a small cap
      > (there is a DC bias on pin 11) to the pad connected to the speaker
      > jack. I used a .015 from the junk box as it was small enough to
      > fit between the PCB and the cover.
      > The audio can also be reconnected using a axial leaded cap
      > (+ to PCB) in the remaining pad (signal from the audio amplifier)
      > to provide audio to the speaker (probably the brown wire, other
      > side is connected to ground).
      > Speaker now works, volume/squelch do con control the signal
      > to the speaker jack, it is line-level at about 800mV for a packet
      > signal. Note that the jack is unsquelch-ed, so newer TNC's only...
      > regards - Willy KC0JFQ
      > Given the above information, I think you would be better off with
      > the EQ
      > jumper on. Try it with un-squelched and with SWDCD ON. Good luck with
      > the HTX-202.
      > 73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
      > --
      > "I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"
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