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3544Re: [tracker2] Newbie Questions

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  • Scott Miller
    Apr 22, 2008
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      > 1. I usually power the Nuvi by my cig lighter. Will I still be able to
      > do that since I will be using the port for the data cable?

      Yes, and in fact it has to be externally powered for the serial
      interface to work. You connect the power input on the back (using the
      clip-on mount) and connect the data cable to the side.

      > 2. Is operation of the Nuvi the same as always except I will see other
      > stations pop-up on the screen?

      The top menu item gets changed to 'Dispatch' and whatever was there
      before ('Favorites' I think) gets moved down a level under that menu.

      > 3. Will I be able to see comments in the APRS data for the station or
      > just the location? If so, how do you access the comments?

      Yes, you can see comments by bringing up the favorites screen. No way
      to get there directly from the map, I'm afraid. Just had that debate
      with Garmin today.

      > 4. I've read something about the stations that display on the Nuvi
      > screen not going away even if they are old. Is that correct? How do
      > they get cleared out?

      Right, you can only erase them manually at this point. Still trying to
      talk them into a 'delete' function for the FMI interface.

      > 5. When firmware updates come out for the Nuvi, that should not break
      > any functionality should it (is it firmware independent)?

      No promises there. Garmin's alread 'fixed' the waypoint upload function
      in other products. The 350 is close to end-of-life, though, and I don't
      think they'll make many updates to it. Plus, they know I'm a little
      vocal about those features and they'll never hear the end of it if they
      break the one model that works fully!

      > 6. For those guys that have implemented this setup in your vehicle,
      > would you recommend that I go with it or with my original idea of just
      > having a basic tracker (TT3) with another GPS receiver? What do you
      > like/dislike about the your setup?

      If you're not going with the T2, I'd suggest an OT1+. Cheaper than a
      TT3, still open source, and does some basic waypoint output too.

      > 7. Sorry for all the questions. I will be ordering soon, and want to
      > make the right decision. Is there a document that discusses my above
      > questions about the Nuvi integration? I have read through the OT2 manual.

      I wrote up a quick blurb for the manual, but it's not well documented yet.

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