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3536Re: [tracker2] Newbie Questions

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  • Jason KG4WSV
    Apr 22, 2008
      The OT series is superior, if for no other reason that they are open source.  IMO, that's more in line with the spirit of ham radio.

      The T2 or OT+ will plot waypoints on a mapping GPS, like the D7/700 will (or better, in the case of the T2 in Garmin mode).

      The waypoint database filling up is an issue no matter what device is populating it, so it's not really a T2 issue as much as a GPS issue.  Unfortunately the database manufacturers do things their own way for their own reasons, with little regard for more advanced operations/operators such as our APRS use of their systems.  There apparently aren't enough hams to make enough noise to turn this situation around.

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