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35RE: [tracker2] More OT2 Testing

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  • Heaton, Brad
    Mar 18, 2006
      More OT2 Testing
      I didn't want to say in public but I had left the GPS/Fixed on Fixed from my premilinary testing and it wasn't really getting location from the GPS either.  It just happened to be right because I entered my location in the fixed location boxes so my position was ploting right on FindU.  It wasn't until I went to the raw packet page I noticed that all of the positions were exactly the same, no drift.  Opps.  Now that I have that fixed the led blinks once per second like it should for valid GPS fix.  Imagine that.
      Yes I do get different icons.  I haven't done the specialized ones.  I get a house, car, and an Eiffel Tower looking thing for the digipeater on the hill.  Very Cool.
      When can I get one of these for each of the foot teams I send out os SAR call-outs?  They would be elated if they could see where each other was while out looking for some lid who got their snow-mobile stuck, at night, during a blizzard, with avalanche conditions at extreme.  But that is a different story.  ;)
      One other question...  Is there a specific case these are designed to fit?  Have any available?

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      Good - what was the setting?  Are you getting proper icons and everything?  The eTrex doesn't have a comment field, but you should see houses and cars, and the elevation field should be set for any station reporting an altitude.

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      OK.   It was my fault that the OT2 wasn't reporting other positions to the GPS right.  I had a setting wrond in the config.  It is working now.

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      Subject: [tracker2] More OT2 Testing

      Tracker Testing
      Connected to a Relm WHS150 I get out fairly consistently.  The tones sound clean on my scanner.
      I tried connecting it to a Icom IC-2SAT and I never got into a digi.  The tones sound very distorted on my scanner.  Doesn't matter what the TX POT is set to.  I am probably overdriving the audio.  I might have to add another resistor inline or something.  I will keep playing with it.

      It receives location info from my Garmin eTrex Legend in Garmin mode (garmin set in otwincfg.exe and in the GPS.  I didn't see any positions reported back into the GPS.  Is there something special I need to do to enable this?  When connected to my computer (via HyperTerminal) with tracker firmware I never get any text displayed.  Is there an option to turn this on or am I doing something wrong?  At first I though I didn't have the receive stuff installed/adjusted/whatever right but it is decoding everything in KISS mode.  See below.

      I am going to get out on the road later today with the OT2 to see how it does mobile.

      KISS testing
      I loaded the KISS firmware and connected it to UI-View.  I had to adjust some settings in UI-View but it has been working find for almost an hour, decoding nearly everything that breaks squelch.  Still hooked up to the Relm.

      I would like to connect a temp sensor or two to the 1-wire bus.  What do I need to do to get the temp info reported back?  I didn't see any config options for the 1-wire.  Am I jumping the gun here?

      A few other assorted questions…

      What is the Tune pot for?

      The loop back jumper setting?

      Anything else I should be testing for you Scott?  I don't really have a way to test a digipeater right now but I am working on it.

      Thanks, Scott, for all of your hard work on making the OT2!  I am impressed with the functionality so far.  If there is anything else I can do to help let me know.


      P.S. Posits sent as KD7QHX-12 or DCSAR-5 are sent either from (DCSAR-5) or thru (KD7QHX-12) the OT2.

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