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3437Nuvi Problem

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  • Clay Jackson
    Apr 13, 2008
      Hi, Scott -

      Just tried my Nuvi 350 this weekend with the T2-135; and had no luck!
      When I connect up the cable, I get a double beep out of the Nuvi, but
      it doesn't show the Fleet Managament menu or do anything at all

      I loaded the latest Beta Firmware from the groups - when I loaded it
      up, I noticed that the version that OTWINCFG reported was different
      from the version label on the file; could that have been a problem?

      I've tried the same setup on two different T2-135s - I only have one
      Nuvi right now. I've checked the physical interface, and it looks
      good (2 yellow, 3 white, black 5), and both the A and B ports are in
      Garmin mode.



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