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3407Nuvi/APRS messages, suggestion

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  • Steven Palm
    Apr 7 9:17 PM
      Hi All,

      Still digging into all that is APRS, and it's capabilities beyond
      watching positions update on maps.

      I see the following commands:

      ?APRS? Queries all stations (respond in 2 mins)

      ?APRS?LLLLLL,OOOOOO,RRRR Queries a radius around a LAT/LONG point If
      RRR is less than 8 then respond immediately

      ?WX? Queries all WX stations

      W3ABC____:?APRS? Queries just W3ABC (all of his data)

      W3ABC____:?APRSP Queries for W3ABC's Posit

      W3ABC____:?APRSS Queries for W3ABC's Status

      W3ABC____:?APRSM Queries for W3ABC's messages

      W3ABC____:?APRSO Queries for W3ABC's Objects

      W3ABC____:?APRSD Queries for stations heard DIRECT by W3ABC

      W3ABC____:?APRSH W4XYZ Queries to see if W3ABC has heard W4XYZ W3ABC
      sends back a packet with W4XYZ as an OBJ and sends back a message with
      the number of packets heard per hour from him.

      Are these capable of being sent via the Nüvi 350 and Tracker2? I'd
      imagine the later ones, addressed to a particular station, are not a
      problem, but what of the generic ?APRS? message? Does the Nüvi/FMI
      interface allow for unproto messages?

      Also, to see what is there, it might be useful if you could tell the
      Tracker2 to start sending all received packets as messages to the Nüvi
      so you could see what it was grabbing, or at least maybe something
      like "the next xxx packets" so it wouldn't go into a loop you couldn't
      get out of from the Nüvi iteself.

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