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3269Firmware update

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  • Scott Miller
    Mar 17, 2008
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      I promised a firmware update yesterday, but I got into the FMI code and
      started running into problems. I'm still working on tracking it all
      down, and I'm giving up for the night.

      I've fixed a baud rate setting bug that's apparently been there since
      the beginning, but would only show up in certain specific configurations.

      I also got it to ignore duplicate incoming messages that have already
      been received and ACK'd. This generally happens when the sending side
      didn't get the ACK. This applies to all incoming messages, and not just
      FMI mode.

      I've changed the command prefix for FMI messages from '!' to '--'. It's
      a lot quicker to type on the Nuvi's on-screen keyboard.

      I'll post the new firmware as soon as I get the Garmin comm bug sorted
      out. It's hard to tell if this was something that was there before and
      it just wasn't obvious that it was missing some position packets, or if
      I caused the bug with either the FMI code or the serial handler changes.

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