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3074Re: [tracker2] Re: this is weird...

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  • Scott Miller
    Mar 1, 2008
      > phone cable and plugged in the station ... and the T2 wouldn't start
      > up until I unplugged the station.

      Oh yeah, if you're using a 4-conductor cable you'll want to take that
      jumper out. Thankfully the thermistor prevents shorts like that from
      doing any permanent damage!

      > What's the asterisk mean? Do I need to wait longer to see some RH info
      > (and data from the temp sensor that is onboard)?

      * means it's completed the cycle and has a complete set of parameters.
      I can't remember if I got RH into the WXINFO display or not.. it was
      taking up a lot of code space for what's mostly a diagnostic feature.

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