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  • Scott Miller
    Mar 1, 2008
      You only need 2 conductors, and they should be the middle ones. In a
      standard phone cable, they'll be red and green. Look at the two ends
      side by side - the order of the colors should be reversed.


      Chris Kantarjiev wrote:
      > > Sounds like you've got the ground and data lines switched. It's
      > > intended to be connected with a phone cable, with the red and green
      > > wires swapped. Could be it's also introducing a lot of noise into the
      > > system that's hosing the RX side.
      > I think that the RX problem had more to do with the coronal mass
      > ejection and K=5 ... it seems better now.
      > But the cabling issue is puzzling. I used the cable that came in the box
      > with the AAG station. I'm not really up to speed on the RJ numbering
      > conventions, so bear with my physical description:
      > They're 6-position connectors, with only the middle 2 in use. I guess
      > (thanks, Wikipedia) that makes it a 6P2C? Pin 3 is blue, pin 4 is red,
      > same on both connectors.
      > Does that have the swap you're after, or does it count as straight-through?
      > 73,
      > chris
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