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3070Re: [tracker2] this is weird...

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  • Scott Miller
    Feb 29, 2008
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      Sounds like you've got the ground and data lines switched. It's
      intended to be connected with a phone cable, with the red and green
      wires swapped. Could be it's also introducing a lot of noise into the
      system that's hosing the RX side.


      Chris Kantarjiev wrote:
      > I'm having two problems with my Proto C unit today.
      > 1. I just got an AAG 1-wire station, and plugged it into the front
      > panel. When I say "DEVLIST", I get a long list of IDs that is slowly
      > (but not regularly) increasing.
      > This is not what I expected. What have I done wrong?
      > 2. Suddenly, the unit isn't decoding anything except the strongest
      > (S9+20) signals. I can hear lots of good clean signals on the radio's
      > speakers, the green LED is flashing, but no packets are being handed up
      > the KISS connection.
      > Help?
      > 73 de chris K6DBG
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