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2903Re: [tracker2] Serial Port

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  • Scott Miller
    Feb 7, 2008
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      > and the TNC responds as expected. If I try to connect to the TNC via
      > Hyper-terminal with my Y Cable installed and a null adapter I can not
      > communicate with the TNC in any way. If I pull the Y Cable out and plug

      Hyperterminal can be picky about flow control. If you're having trouble
      getting it disabled, use a program like PuTTY or CRT. In fact, I've got
      permission to distribute trial versions of CRT, and I'll probably start
      doing so soon. Maybe PuTTY, too.

      > hooked to PORT B. Also I noticed that when I set PORT B to GARMIN via
      > the console, wrote the configuration to the device, and then looked at
      > BBAUD in Hyper-terminal it was still at 4800. I manually changed it to
      > 9600 because that's what I thought it needed to be, had I not checked it

      Garmin mode ignores the configured baud rate anyway. It's always at
      9600 baud.

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