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2891Tracker2 beta firmware

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  • Scott Miller
    Feb 7, 2008
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      I've just uploaded the latest firmware built with Garmin fleet
      management support for beta testing. It'll only show up in the config
      program, when you hit the 'web' button.

      To use it, just configure for Garmin mode as usual. But BE WARNED: As
      soon as you plug in the GPS unit (ok, within about 6 seconds anyway)
      it'll enable fleet management mode and the main menu will have the top
      item replaced with 'Dispatch'. It'll also complain if the T2 isn't
      hooked up. The only way to get OUT of dispatch mode is to press a
      corner of the screen while turning on the power, and then erasing all
      user data.

      The T2 ACT light should start blinking green to indicate it's getting a
      good fix. To send messages, go to 'Dispatch', 'Messaging', 'Create
      Message'. Start the message with a '-' to address it to a specific
      callsign, and follow the callsign with a space:

      -n1vg-2 This is a test.

      To reply to the last received message (assuming the T2 hasn't been reset
      since then) just enter the text and hit 'send'. This should keep QSOs
      as efficient as possible.

      To send a command to the T2 itself, start it with '!'. For example:

      !TXDELAY 24

      All responses from the T2 will come back as messages. Whenever a
      message comes in, the unit will ding and show a mail icon. You can tap
      that, or bring up the inbox in the messaging menu to read a message.

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