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2855Re: [tracker2] Garmin Nuvi 350 and T2

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  • Scott Miller
    Feb 2, 2008
      Certainly not in exactly the same way (it's a Garmin proprietary
      protocol) but that's not to say they don't have some interface for AVL
      or fleet management. If someone wants to look that up, I'll be happy to
      support what I can.

      If it's anything complicated, it's going to have to be in a separate
      firmware load, I think. Every time I hit the 'make' key these days, I
      cringe, waiting for the dreaded 'out of allocation space in segment xxx'
      linker error that means I've run out of room.

      That doesn't mean the end of T2 improvements, it just means that I get
      to spent a lot more time optimizing existing code before I can add new
      stuff. Rewriting some of the trig functions already bought me some
      breathing room, but I'm going to have to tackle other bits of bloat
      before long.


      Steve wrote:
      > Scott,
      > Do you know if the TomTom Go920 is possible to access in the same way as
      > the Garmin Nuvi you mentioned below??
      > It has a (what I call) mini usb to interface with either a charger or a
      > PC for programming.
      > This GPS is loaded with some very neat features and if it was possible
      > to interface that to a Kenwood D700 or D710 I would have gone to APRS
      > heaven!!
      > I already tried out a Garmin StreetPilotĀ® c530, and while I made no
      > attempt to use it for APRS and also a TomTom one xl and a low end
      > Magellan 3100, they all seem to have this mini usb port on them!
      > If there is anything more you need to know about the TomTom GO920 please
      > let me know and I will attempt to furbish you that info the best I can!!
      > 73
      > Steve, kf6wax
      > On Jan 31, 2008 11:06 PM, Scott Miller <scott@...
      > <mailto:scott@...>> wrote:
      > I discovered something interesting today. Here I've been telling people
      > all along that the newer USB-only Garmin receivers like the Nuvi are
      > worthless for APRS. Turns out I was wrong.
      > When I heard about Garmin's fleet management interface, I decided it'd
      > be worth checking out. It needs a special cable, though - for the Nuvi
      > 350 I picked up, it's Garmin p/n 010-10813-00. By the looks of it, it's
      > probably just got a level converter inside, but I'm not sure.
      > Apparently there's a serial interface of some sort that can share the
      > USB connector.
      > The fleet management protocol looked suspiciously like a subset of
      > Garmin's regular binary serial protocol, so (once I figured out the
      > cable pinouts and soldered on a DB9) I fired up the test program I'd
      > written, and sure enough, it spit out a list of supported protocols.
      > I plugged it straight into a stock Tracker2 and the activity light
      > started blinking green, showing a good fix. I piped in some recorded
      > APRS traffic and the map screen started showing APRS stations. Here are
      > some pictures I took (haven't tried the screen capture program yet):
      > Map screen (2D mode): http://n1vg.net/images/nuvi-map.jpg
      > <http://n1vg.net/images/nuvi-map.jpg>
      > Waypoint list: http://n1vg.net/images/nuvi-list.jpg
      > <http://n1vg.net/images/nuvi-list.jpg>
      > Station detail: http://n1vg.net/images/nuvi-detail.jpg
      > <http://n1vg.net/images/nuvi-detail.jpg>
      > It's not perfect - the waypoint set is different, for one. You can see
      > that all of the cars are now up on lifts with the hood up! The digis do
      > show up as antenna towers, at least, and the houses are there. I'll
      > have to find out if it'll take custom symbols. Also, it seems to have
      > some quirks about showing waypoints at different zoom levels.
      > The Nuvi 350 has a USB port on the side and another one on the clip-on
      > base, so you can power it and plug it in to the tracker at the same
      > time. When I find out how the serial interface adapter works, I'll see
      > if I can power it from the tracker, or maybe vice versa. I'll also see
      > about a cheaper substitute for the cable - this one cost me $30 after
      > shipping. It probably wouldn't be hard to build an equivalent circuit
      > into a DB9 shell.
      > The bad news is that the OT2m is totally sold out right now. My only
      > two spares are going out for CE EMC certification shortly. The factory
      > producing the boards is snowed in right now and hasn't even been
      > able to
      > get the parts for the next batch - DHL's had them sitting at the depot
      > for days. It'll probably be the end of February before I have any more.
      > The T2-135 is shipping, albeit slowly due to limited production
      > capability here.
      > Hopefully by the time the boards come in I'll have figured out all of
      > the Nuvi's quirks and dealt with them. I also hope to make some use of
      > the fleet management interface for some new features. Most importantly
      > - it does text messaging.
      > Scott
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