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2742RE: [tracker2] KISS Mode

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  • Bob Donnell
    Jan 10, 2008
      AEA, and possibly others, used the same method as one way out of KISS mode.
      AEA also used it as an exit means from HOST and TRANSPARENT modes. For
      their products, as long as you had the baud rate and bits/parity matched, it
      usually worked to get one unstuck.

      73, Bob, KD7NM

      PS: So Bill - when are you coming back to W7 land?

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      It'd be like I've done with Garmin mode - a 1-second pause followed by 3
      ctrl-C's and another pause. That way you can't have the contents of a frame
      trigger it accidentally.

      The ALT-keypad thing doesn't work everywhere, and since the T2 doesn't
      revert to converse mode on power-up, I think there needs to be an easy way
      to get it out of KISS mode.


      Bill Vodall WA7NWP wrote:
      > > I'll see if I can add the control-C thing this weekend.
      > Control-C to exit KISS mode? Please don't do that. The existing scheme
      > to exit KISS mode from the spec is long tested and works well.
      > Some individual instances take a bit of tweaking to make it reliable
      > but that's always better then breaking the spec and introducting
      > potential future implications in the handling of binary data.
      > After dealing with KISS all these years - it was just a week ago that
      > I noticed on one system the manual exit scheme didn't work if I used
      > the right ALT key yet it did if I used the left ALT key. It's always
      > something...
      > 73
      > Bill - OA4/WA7NWP
      > PS. Manual KISS Exit: ALT 2-5-5 ALT 1-9-2 ALT 2-5-5

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