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2741Re: [tracker2] KISS Mode

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  • Scott Miller
    Jan 10, 2008
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      It'd be like I've done with Garmin mode - a 1-second pause followed by 3
      ctrl-C's and another pause. That way you can't have the contents of a
      frame trigger it accidentally.

      The ALT-keypad thing doesn't work everywhere, and since the T2 doesn't
      revert to converse mode on power-up, I think there needs to be an easy
      way to get it out of KISS mode.


      Bill Vodall WA7NWP wrote:
      > > I'll see if I can add the control-C thing this weekend.
      > Control-C to exit KISS mode? Please don't do that. The existing
      > scheme to exit KISS mode from the spec is long tested and works well.
      > Some individual instances take a bit of tweaking to make it reliable
      > but that's always better then breaking the spec and introducting
      > potential future implications in the handling of binary data.
      > After dealing with KISS all these years - it was just a week ago that
      > I noticed on one system the manual exit scheme didn't work if I used
      > the right ALT key yet it did if I used the left ALT key. It's always
      > something...
      > 73
      > Bill - OA4/WA7NWP
      > PS. Manual KISS Exit: ALT 2-5-5 ALT 1-9-2 ALT 2-5-5
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