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2636Re: T2 demod questions

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  • Tim Smith
    Dec 2, 2007
      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, Scott Miller <scott@...> wrote:
      > The EQ jumper is in the input filter section, near C2 and C3. It just
      > switches C3 into the audio input path and flattens the filter response.
      > It's pretty close to the circuit used by the KPC-3 and I think
      some of
      > the TNC-2 clones as well. Somewhere around here I've got plots of the
      > frequency response from the Spice simulation.

      I must be looking at an old schematic (the one in the files area of
      the tracker2 group). I don't see C2 in the demod section. There is a
      C2 on the CPU which appears to be a bypass cap for power. There is
      also a couple of pots on the schematic that I don't see on the board.

      I recorded test tones produced by the T2 and played them back. The EQ
      jumper makes no difference in either tone's amplitude when looking at
      the input pin of the demod.

      I am seeing solid copy with a sound card using AGWPE and what the T2
      misses, the sound card is receiving. I hope to be able to record some
      consistent misses by the T2 to get a better look at the waveform.

      Is there an updated T2 schematic?


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